The time in which she beats her competitors—the way in which she wins—reveals how good she is. That's how you know! Is anyone else doing this, winning in this way? Then that's how you quantify how good she is. It's not like her fights go on for multiple rounds, with her eventually coming up on top. She is beating… » 3/03/15 2:32pm Tuesday 2:32pm

I'm sorry but being a president and being a comedian are incompatible, despite what that one Robin Williams' film may have led you to believe. Being a comedian is a wonderful, amazing job, I'm sure, and to entertain oneself with their works is a fine way to spend an evening, but comedians stand off to the side and,… » 2/28/15 6:22pm 2/28/15 6:22pm

So, it's like, the part where her bush would be. And I'm pretty sure no one shows their bush on the cover of a sports' swimsuit issue. But since she waxed all the hair out that suddenly makes it her stomach or torso? People are like, holy crap, how does grooming make that okay? I too think it's a little weird that… » 2/16/15 3:15am 2/16/15 3:15am

oh Gosh I don't find Reggie bad at all anymore. I really think he takes the edge off of broadcasts where announcers who obviously know nothing get a free pass because they say exactly what their producers tell them at exactly the right time. Reggie should be commended for not giving a fuck and making it clear that we… » 2/16/15 2:50am 2/16/15 2:50am

media has worked its clutches into the general public for so long it's no surprise they have some difficulty disbelieving what they read or hear on TV. If they are capable of following what they're told of the Christian Bible, it makes sense that they could entertain writers such as Plaschke for a few dull glances. » 2/15/15 3:13pm 2/15/15 3:13pm

well, russell led the guy too much, he didn't go back shoulder to protect the opportunity...and he didn't notice the corner in the back of the end zone and he didn't think to throw the ball away! A play can be flawed but like with a bad hand in poker you can always fold. Poor execution by the Seahawks players. They… » 2/01/15 11:43pm 2/01/15 11:43pm

yeah well the guy doesn't have my respect for how he plays on the court. He is just a bit too reckless has a bad attitude and doesn't display a favorable composure. Just my opinion, yes, but then again I have an extremely cultivated one, so, check. » 1/30/15 1:07pm 1/30/15 1:07pm